Foyer Waisenhaus

Building: Waisenhaus

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Ostenstraße 25
85072 Eichstätt

Access is possible via the rear of the building. The doors separating the building parts on the inside are only 80 cm wide; however, they can be swung open to a width of approx. 110 cm with assistance. Rooms 006 and 007 can only be reached via stairs. The rest of the building can be reached via an elevator in the left wing of the building. Thresholds with a height of over 4 cm leading to the seminar rooms 211 and 212 in the eastern wing of the building and the step leading to room 213 make access to those rooms difficult. An accessible toilet is available on the first floor. Handicapped parking is available in the Waisenhaus parking lot. Unfortunately, a guidance system and Braille door signs are not yet available.