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Dialogue & Transfer


Academic Dialogue - Discussing Research

The Center for Flight and Migration is currently working with the Center for Research Promotion to develop an event series called ‘Wissenschaft im Gespräch’ (Research in Discussion). The format will offer researchers a platform to present their research projects and discuss them in an interdisciplinary context. The Center is also working on a range of other formats such as conferences and science slams.


International Dialogue - Student Research

A special concept has been designed to enable international students to spend a stay at the KU working on a structured research project. In addition to interviews with KU researchers, professionals, and volunteers in the region, it includes visits to institutions in the wider region, from Nuremberg to Munich, and offers participants the possibility for working on projects with refugees run by tun.starthilfe für flüchtlinge.


Intercultural Dialogue - Practical Projects

As of the winter semester 2017/18, the Center for Flight and Migration offers courses that focus on collaborating with partners from practical fields and/or working on the Center’s projects. These include the initiative tun.starthilfe für flüchtlinge, the intercultural open air festival refugium, theater and film workshops, and the practical project Studierende an die Schulen in which students support local schools.


Interreligious Dialogue

In summer 2017, the Center for Flight and Migration is organizing a series of church services with representatives of different denominations in order to promote interreligious dialogue. After the services, which will follow different rites according to, for example, the Oriental or Aramaic traditions, there will be an opportunity for discussion.