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Dialogue & Transfer


Academic Dialogue

At the intersection between science and practice and main profession and volunteering, the Center for Flight and Migration promotes dialog by offering academic courses and networking opportunities. These include conferences as well as participation in supra-regional networks, such as the Bavarian “Netzwerk Migrations- und Fluchtforschung Bayern (NeMiF)”.


International Dialogue

A special concept has been designed to enable international students to spend a stay at the KU working on a structured research project. In addition to interviews with researchers at the KU or professionals and voluntary workers in the region and field trips to institutions from Nuremberg to Munich, this concept also includes methodological workshops and offers opportunities for active involvement in practical projects in the context of flight and migration.




Intercultural Dialogue

The Center offers cultural and information events such as exhibitions, presentations and movie nights on the topics of flight, migration, asylum and displacement. It maintains cooperations with many partners from the professional practice, such as e.g. the “tun.starthilfe für flüchtlinge” initiative, the intercultural open air festival (“refugium – das interkulturelle Open Air”) and a practical project in which students support local schools (“Praxisprojekt Studierende an die Schulen”).