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For KU members

You know of a topic that would be of interest to the media? You are currently revising your online presence? You need help with posters and flyers to promote your event? The Department of Development and Communication is your first point of contact for external and internal communication. We provide support in connection with press work, maintain the KU event database, provide design templates and pictures for publications and keep contents of central web pages of the University up to date. We issue regular updates on what is going on at the KU in our publications, the university magazine “Agora” and the newsletter Report Online as well as the newsletter published by the University Management.

The communication team

Name Responsibilities Room Phone E-mail
Dr. Christian Klenk Director of the department, advising the university management, publications and university media, internal communication, fundraising, strategic planning SR 115 93-21551



Dr. Petra Hemmelmann EditorSR 116 93-21734


Valentin Nowak EditorSR 116 93-23112


Brigitte Hardt Secretary’s office for the University Council, KU website, university marketing, social mediaSR 118 93-21115



Constantin Schulte Strathaus Press officer, General press and public relations work, editing the newsletter and Agora magazine, social mediaSR 117 93-21248



Secretary’s office for the Press Office, Events Documentation/archive
Press reviews
SR 118 93-23069



Sylvia Schmager Translator SR 118 93-23330