Excellent research in American studies

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The research papers of two early-career researchers at the KU Chair of American Studies have now been honored by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Bavarian American Academy.

Dr. Nathalie Aghoro will receive a three-year DFG funding for her project “Common Grounds: Social Justice and Cultural Practice in Shared Places”. In it, she investigates cultural practices in shared places that have an impact on the design and development of places in connection with civil society debates. The topic is of an interdisciplinary nature and roots in the scientific fields of American literary and cultural history, sociology and critical ethnic studies. Cultural practices of place stand for cultural and literary approaches to places, the social and aesthetic shaping of places and the local cultural expression of social debates. This can in particular be observed in shared places, thus public and publicly accessible spaces where social and political debates and controversies become evident and are negotiated on the spot.