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We support journalists in their research on current topics and provide expertise for their research and reporting. Do you require pictures of our campus or photos of University members? We are happy to provide you with free images for your reporting in our image database . In our brochure database, you can find out more about the KU and our University magazine "forum forschung" provides you with insights into current research projects at the KU. In addition, we regularly publish press releases on research, teaching and events at the KU.

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Constantin Schulte Strathaus
Constantin Schulte Strathaus
Press Officer
Katja Ossiander
Katja Ossiander
Secretary of Press Office
Building Sommerresidenz  |  Room: SR-003

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Under the title "Sprache MACHT Europa” (language makes Europe), three universities, three schools and an association are cooperating in a new EU…

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