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We support journalists in their research on current topics and provide expertise for their research and reporting. Do you require pictures of our campus or photos of University members? We are happy to provide you with free images for your reporting in our image database . In our brochure database, you can find out more about the KU and our University magazine "forum forschung" provides you with insights into current research projects at the KU. In addition, we regularly publish press releases on research, teaching and events at the KU.

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Constantin Schulte Strathaus
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The "Jeeves" service robot already supplies hotel guests with drinks and snacks that they can order. Being adapted to the clinical routine, it is now also intended to give clinical staff more opportunity to devote time to the actual care for patients.

More time for clinical care: KU evaluates robotic systems in hospital wards

The application of robotic systems for an improved recovery process of intensive care patients as well as the relief of nursing staff from…

Aueninstitut der KU

How floodplains clean the water of the Danube: New EU project under KU leadership

How do floodplain areas along the Danube contribute to improving water quality and how can diverse interests be taken into account in their management…

[Translate to Englisch:] Seminar an der KU

Genius Loci Prize for teaching excellence: KU in national finals

The jury of the nationwide Genius Loci Prize for Teaching Excellence, which is awarded annually by the Stifterverband and the Volkswagen Foundation,…