Exchange with Green Office of Universidad de Salamanca

The KU Green Office is already very well networked with other sustainability offices throughout Bavaria and Germany. Now, for the first time, the Green Office also participated in an international exchange – with the Oficina Verde of the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.

In March, Patrizia Hartmann, head of the KU's Green Office, visited the Oficina Verde at the University of Salamanca. During a one-week stay as part of the Erasmus exchange program, she discussed ideas with Celia Aramburu Sánchez's team about thematic, organizational and structural similarities and differences between the work of the two sustainability offices. The university in Salamanca in the northwest of Spain has around 30,000 students and takes pride in its great commitment and numerous successes in the area of sustainability.

In discussions, workshops and activities in the university's community garden as well as in media collaborations, the partners could learn from each other and built a network for future projects. Matching intersections were quickly identified, particularly in the areas of sustainability communication, rankings, campaigns and future goals. Similar ideas, approaches and implementation challenges became evident in many areas, so that those responsible can benefit from the exchange of experience. "What surprised me most were the similarities in the structures and day-to-day tasks. Similar successes and challenges have often emerged here. This once again demonstrates the urgency of the issue of sustainability and how it permeates all institutions internationally", reports Patrizia Hartmann.

During the visit, the student radio station "Radio USAL" at the University of Salamanca recorded a conversation with María del Marcos Martín from the Green Office team in Salamanca and Patrizia Hartmann, which you can listen to here (La Onda Verde 09-04-2024). More information on the Oficina Verde of the University of Salamanca is available on its website.

Founded in 2020, the KU Green Office serves as a central point of contact and knowledge platform for all University members and the general public. It promotes the networking of all KU members at the University, in particular the students who are involved in the various initiatives on sustainable development issues. The participation of students in the sustainability process is of key importance to the University.

Please note: Patrizia Hartmann traveled to Salamanca by bus and train. As part of an Erasmus Plus trip, students and staff at the KU have the opportunity to receive the "Green Travel" top-up in addition to their funding if they travel by train, bus, bicycle, boat, carpool or on foot.