KU economist to head international symposium on financial policy

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KU economist Prof. Dr. Dominika Langenmayr will coordinate the scientific program of the 80th annual conference of the International Institute for Public Finance (IIPF). The IIPF is a worldwide association of researchers in the field of finance who are concerned with tax policy and public financing. Economists meet annually for a conference which, with around 400 participants, is the world's largest scientific conference in this field.

Dominika Langenmayr, Chairholder of Economics, esp. Public Finance, at the KU Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI), will be organizing this year's scientific program for the conference, which will be held in Prague from 21 to 23 August, together with her colleague Daniel Reck from the University of Maryland (USA). The topic of this year’s conference is "International Tax Sheltering and Inequality". The conference thus picks up on one of Langenmayr's main areas of research. At the conference, the latest study results will be presented, which show how tax avoidance fuels inequality: "Rich people in particular benefit from tax evasion and the use of tax havens", explains Langenmayr. Other topics will also be discussed at the conference, such as the increasing importance of geopolitics for economic and financial policy.

"In the past, I was able to make important contacts at the IIPF conferences and gained many valuable insights. I am therefore delighted to be able to design the scientific program for the 80th conference." In addition to researchers, also employees from ministries and international organizations will be taking part in the conference. The organizers also pay particular attention to the promotion of early-career researchers. "So far, our work has consisted of organizing the major plenary lectures and putting together the extended scientific selection committee. This committee will help us select the presentations. We are expecting almost 500 submissions, which we will have to review this spring in order to put together the conference program", says Langenmayr, looking ahead to the next steps.