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Start of the winter semester at the KU: Extended deadlines for application and registration

If you want to start studying at the KU in the winter semester, you can apply for a degree program with admission restriction until August 20 this year. In addition, it is now possible to enroll for KU degree programs without admission restriction – this year also for an extended enrollment period: For University degree programs, interested prospective students can enroll until October 23, for the Fachhochschule program in Religious Education  until  October 2. For the first time in the winter semester, the degree program in Teaching at Elementary School and the Bachelor’s program in Business Administration will also be offered without admissions restrictions.

In addition to the degree programs with admission restrictions, prospective students also have the possibility to enroll in more than 40 courses and subjects without prior application.

This year's open admissions program also includes the Bachelor’s program in Business Administration, which offers a scientifically substantiated, practical and intercultural education: a broad basic management education in the fields of business administration, economics, law and quantitative methods as well as ethics and languages prepares students for choosing from several specializations at a later stage.

This semester's degree program in Teaching at Elementary School is also free of admission restrictions. At the KU, the program is particularly set apart by its international network and a focus on the use of digital media in elementary school teaching. 

The Bachelor's degree program in "Applied Musicology and Music Education" combines musicology and music teaching methodology with a practical focus, which is unique in Germany. The BA program in "Education (Pedagogy)" is aimed at prospective students who are interested in the analysis, design and conceptualization and guidance of educational processes. Fundamental knowledge on cultural similarities and differences in Europe as well as on framework conditions for the integration of the peoples of Europe is imparted in the Bachelor's program in "European Studies". In the Bachelor's program in "Geography", students can choose between the specializations Leisure, Tourism and Environment, Physical Geography and General Geography.

The BA program in "Latin American Studies" is also free of admission restrictions. The program offers students the opportunity to comprehensively examine the Latin American continent through the connection of different cultural studies approaches. Students who decide for the Bachelor's program in "Mathematics" at the KU can specialize in Business Mathematics (Mathematics, Economics), Geography, Empirical Sciences (Psychology, Sociology) or Philosophy. The Interdisciplinary Bachelor's program in "Politics and Society" combines the political science approach to international, national and regional dimensions of politics with a sociological understanding of social structures, players and problem areas. The seven-semester Bachelor's program in "Religious Education " at the KU faculty with the same name prepares students for pastoral tasks in congregations, parishes and cross-community fields of action. In this winter semester, students can also enroll for the ten-semester Master’s degree program in "Theology", which is aimed at future priests, pastoral care workers and theological staff in educational institutions, associations and organizations. In the Interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree program, interested prospective students can choose from a range of 30 subjects and put together their individual course of study that is exactly tailored to their personal interests. This personal profile development is supplemented by internships and the possibility to compete a stay abroad. Students can also enroll in the teaching degree programs for secondary school (Mittelschule, Realschule or Gymnasium) without admission restrictions. The teaching degree program at the KU also offers the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor's and later a Master's degree while simultaneously preparing for the State Examination - which also ensures that graduates have career prospects in non-school contexts.

Further information on the online application process for degree programs with restricted admission and on the online enrollment for degree  programs without admission restrictions are available on the KU website.