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Partner companies

With your studies at the WFI numerous possibilities open up, to put the gained knowledge into practice. Through cooperation with leading companies of different sectors best perspectives on internships and career opportunities in Germany and abroad are offered to our students. Also the career fairs "Company Day" and "WFI talente Messe" as well as company presentations and workshops offer best opportunities for networking.

Partner universities

The WFI offers a versatile choice of prestigious partner universities. Thereby, a worldwide network of more than 90 partner universities on five different continents is available for students of the WFI for their study abroad.


Excerpt of our partner universities

For more information and a list of all of our partner universities, click here.

Student organisations

A majority of the students are committed in student organisations, which exist in large numbers at the WFI, enhancing life at the faculty. A number of them are primary attended to the goal of a strong link between theory and practice. They organise workshops and lectures in cooperation with companies or convey international internships. Other students help their fellow students as tutors in the preparation and follow-up of the curriculum, develop marketing concepts for the faculty or supervise exchange students.

 For more information and a list of all of our student organisations, click here.

Alumni association IN Kontakt

With your studies at the WFI, an optimal preparation is carried out on your future career or further studies. The result is also a close connection of the students to the WFI, manifested by a later commitment in the Alumni-Association “In Kontakt e.V.” of the WFI.



With seminars and events, as well as the mentor program SAMP (Student-Alumni mentorship program), contact between current students and alumni will be maintained sustainable and goal-oriented.