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    Alexandra Sievers
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  • Teaching & Student News

    Guest Lecture - NTT DATA

    During our Master’s course „Service Management“, the two Design Strategists Ms. Stephanie Lacher and Mr. Martin Müller of NTT DATA gave our students interesting insights into the Service Design Thinking world. At this point, the Chair of Service Management would like to thank Ms. Lacher and Mr. Müller again for the exciting presentation. As presented in class, NTT Data is currently surveying future mobility solutions for students. In this context, it would be great if our students could participate in the survey, which can be found in the following link:

    Meet autonomous driving in virtual reality: Research project SAVe at the 'lange Nacht der Unternehmen und Wissenschaft'

    At the upcoming event on 24 May, the department DLM will be presented within the research projekt SAVe (functional und traffic safety in automated and networked driving). Visitors can find out more about this topic with the help of experience actions and presentations. Virtual reality applications as well as meeting autonomous vehicles in action from the point of view of a pedestrian will be part of the programm. Sounds interesting? Please find more information here!

    Open house

    Two of our students introduced on 15 May our Double-Master 'International Marketing' at our open house event. Thanks for your fantastic job! More information about our programm can be found here!

    Throwback - Guest Lecture Schaeffler

    As part of the lecture "Grundlagen des Marketingmanagement" WFI-Alumnus Dr. Leonhard Mandl visited his old sphere of action at WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management and gave an inspiring talk on B2B Marketing @ Schaeffler. Thanks a lot for the magnificant enrichment of the course.

  • Research & Team News

    Ute Braun and Professor Jens Hogreve are participating in the AMA Winter conference in San Siego

    Ute Braun and Professor Jens Hogreve chaired a special session on “money matters: consumer financial well-being through a marketing lens” at the @AMA_Marketing conference in San Diego. Together with Professor Elisabeth Bruggen, Professor Sertan Kabadayi, Professor Shashi Matta and Professor Dee Warmath they explained why many people struggle to achieve financial well-being and discussed possible interventions from a marketing and consumer behavior perspective.

    ***Professor Hogreve and Ute Braun were visiting our students in Toulouse***


    Over the weekend, Professor Jens Hogreve and Ute Braun were visiting our students of the International Marketing program in Toulouse. Besides a nice get-together and an entertaining evening program, the visit's aim was the further development of the double Master program in International Marketing that is offered in cooperation with the TSM - Toulouse School of Management and the WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management.

    Second Conference of the Bavarian Service Research Cluster

    September 18-19, the second conference of the Bavarian Service Research Cluster took place at the University of Augsburg. Apart from numerous discussions on work-in-progress research projects, the Conference aims to facilitate networking within the service research community and fostering the exchange of fresh perspectives and ideas. The Cluster is a joint project of the Chair of Marketing & Services (Prof. Dr. Dirk Totzek), the Chair of Marketing & Innovation (Prof. Dr. Schumann) both Passau University, the Chair for Value Based Marketing at the University of Augsburg (Prof. Dr. Michael Paul) and the Chair of Service Management at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt (Prof. Dr.  Jens Hogreve).