Orbis Terrarum

Internationale Zeitschrift für die Historische Geographie der alten Welt / International Journal for the Historical Geography of the Ancient World / Revue  internationale de la géographie historique du monde ancien / Rivista internazionale di geografia storica del mondo antico

Editor: Michael Rathmann, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Universitätsallee 1, 85072 Eichstätt, Germany (email: michael.rathmann(at)ku.de)

Co-Editors: Anca Dan, École Normale Superieure, Rue d'Ulm 45, 75005 Paris, France (email: anca-cristina.dan(at)ens.fr), Frank Daubner, Universität Trier, FB III - Alte Geschichte, 54286 Trier, Germany (email: daubner(at)uni-trier.de), Veronica Bucciantini, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Via Della Pergola 58-60, 50121 Firenze, Italia (email: veronica.bucciantini(at)unifi.it).

Advisory Board: Pascal Arnaud (Lyon), Serena Bianchetti (Firenze), Angelos Chaniotis (Princeton), Gonzalo Cruz Andreotti (Málaga), Daniela Dueck (Ramat Gan), Hans-Joachim Gehrke (Freiburg), Francisco J. González Ponce (Sevilla), Herbert Graßl (Salzburg), Anne Kolb (Zürich), Ray Laurence (Sydney), Alexander Podossinov (Moskau), Francesco Prontera (Perugia), Sergei Saprykin (Moskau), Vera Sauer (Rangendingen), Mustafa Sayar (Istanbul), George Tolias (Athen).

Publisher: FRANZ STEINER Verlag, Birkenwaldstr. 44, D–70191 Stuttgart, Germany (phone: 0049(0)711-2582–0; Fax: 0049-(0)711-2582–390; email: service(at)steiner-verlag.de)

ISSN: 1385-285X

The current publication guidelines (valid since volume 17) can be found here.

With Orbis Terrarum. International Journal of Historical Geography of the Ancient World, the Ernst Kirsten Society, which aims to provide all members as well as the scientific public with comprehensive information on advances in historical geography of the ancient world, offers a forum for research in the field of historical geography of the ancient world. This is in response to the fact that there is a shortage of journals with a distinctly historical-geographical orientation in the field of ancient studies.

Ancient Geography is an interdisciplinary science. The Orbis Terrarum therefore offers space for research by historians, geographers, and archaeologists, as well as other scholars of antiquity concerned with aspects of historical geography. The spectrum to be covered by the Orbis Terrarum is deliberately broad. Studies on the geographic-topographic profile of the ancient world have a place here, as do studies on the historical interaction between man and landscape, as well as works on the history of science or methodology.

Even though the Orbis Terrarum focuses on the world of antiquity, this does not exclude the view of earlier and later historical epochs: To look at the space of the ancient world in pre- and post-antique times from a historical-geographical point of view is also one of the concerns of the Orbis Terrarum. The breadth of this thematic framework is to be symbolized by the cosmological aspect of the emblem, which is found in the name of the Orbis Terrarum (cf. Vera Sauer, Zwischen Phanes und Mithras: Der Ursprung des Orbis Terrarum auf dem Relief von Módena. In: Orbis Terrarum 1, 1995. pp. 9-23).

The Orbis Terrarum is published annually by Franz Steiner Verlag. Among its regular columns, in addition to the essays, is an extensive literature review that provides information about new publications on the historical geography of the ancient world. On the homepage of Franz Steiner Verlag you will find an overview of past volumes with their contents.

The Orbis Terrarum was founded by Prof. em. Dr. Eckart Olshausen (University of Stuttgart) in 1995 as a scientific forum of the Ernst Kirsten Society. Since 2014, the 1st chairman, Prof. Dr. Michael Rathmann (University of Eichstätt) has taken over the editorship and the editorial supervision of the journal.

Papers submitted to Orbis Terrarum undergo a rigorous peer-review process with out-of-town reviewers.

Contact address: Prof. Dr. Michael Rathmann, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Universitätsallee 1, 85072 Eichstätt, Germany, Tel.: (+49) 08421 93 21506, email: michael.rathmann(at)ku.de.

Lector: Natalie Schlirf, M.A., NSchlirf(at)ku.de

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