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Where is the International Office?

Our partner universities are top universities of Latin America

Our partner universities are among the best universities in Latin America!

Students of KU can therefore come to three of the most prestigious universities of Latin America without fees via our exchange programms:

1. Pontificia Universidad de Chile (Photo)
2. University of Sao Paulo
3. University of the Andes

There are also cooperations with another 5 universities in the top 10. So let's go to Latin America!

Further information (in Spanish) on the Website of the news magazine "Semana".

Scholarships for studying in Poland

GFPS-Polska will again award the GFPS scholarship for students and doctoral students of all disciplines to study in Poland or the Czech Republic in the summer semester 2020.

Scholarships are available for four programs:


  • Exchange semester in Poland (March 1 - July 31, 2020)
  • Exchange semester in the Czech Republic (February 15 - June 31, 2020)
  • Intensive language course at the Lublin University
  • two internships in relation to german-czech exchange in Pilsen, Czech Republic

More information (in German):

Application deadline is November 14th, 2019

Travel grants from the Society for Canadian Studies (GKS)

The Society for Canadian Studies (GKS) coordinates and supports Canada-related scientific activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The travel grants are very interesting. Every year, two GKS travel grants of 1,000 euros each are awarded to students of all disciplines whose diploma, state examination or master theses deal with a topic specific to Canada and therefore require a research stay in Canada. The funding is intended to make it easier to carry out the work on site, e.g. study visits, field studies, library work, interviews etc. in preparation for or at the end of the respective project.

More information at



Participation in the DAAD programme "Europa macht Schule" (Europe goes to school)

Dear Erasmus+ Alumni,

back in Germany with a thousand impressions and full of energy?

With the "Europa macht Schule" programme, you can be active and give European guest students a special experience here. And: You can turn the lessons of German school classes into European encounters!

The DAAD and the Association "Europa macht Schule e.V." are looking for volunteers to organise the "Europa macht Schule" programme:

The programme invites guest students from all over Europe to a project with a German school class. There they can present their home country in a creative way: By playing Gaelic football with the pupils, by staging the French presidential elections, by letting the children experience a Turkish school day etcetera.

In this way the pupils get to know a European country very concretely and vividly, and the students immerse themselves in a piece of German reality outside the university. They are in contact with locals and feel welcome as guests. A special experience for both sides.



Would you like to support "Europa macht Schule" and its colourful and exciting projects?

As part of the EmS location team you can do that. The activities of the volunteers consist among other things of advertising and support of the participants as well as the organisation of a kick-off event and a local farewell party.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the DAAD Coordination:

Hans Leifgen 


Phone: +49 (0)228 - 882 8629 

Further information can be found in the flyer and on the website


We are looking forward to your feedback and remain with cordial greetings

Hans Leifgen

Speaker for the programme "Europa macht Schule" (Europe goes to school)


Free online guide "Studying & Living in France"

The Centre for European Consumer Protection e.V. presents the second edition of the free online guide "Studying & Living in France". Caution: The guide is in German! This guide is intended for students, interns and trainees planning a stay abroad in France. The guide is available for use on the website of the Centre for European Consumer Protection. The project is supported by the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ), which made it possible to print the flyers.


Why the guide? Anyone who dares to step into a neighbouring country has many questions: 

  • Which administrative procedures have to be carried out? 
  • How do I find an apartment? 
  • Which insurances are required? 

The interactive guide answers these and many other questions. It also contains practical tips and helpful links to meet the special needs of students.


Download the guide: Studieren und Leben in Frankreich 

Download the flyer: Studieren und Leben in Frankreich