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Modern Languages

In the domain of "Modern Languages", the language courses of the Language Center are usually compulsory modules or compulsory optional modules. The main focus here is the teaching degree (Lehramt). We offer language courses and cultural studies.

The following languages are part of the domain of "Modern Languages":

English, French, Italian, Spanish

The Language Center offers intensive courses for students without previous knowledge of Spanish and Italian. Intensive Course 1 starts four weeks before the winter semester, Intensive Course 2 takes place during the winter semester, and the 4-week Intensive Course 3 begins immediately after the winter semester and completes this group of courses. You can find information about the intensive courses in Italian and Spanish here.

Modern language courses are an integral part of the following courses of studies:

  • LehramtPlus and dual degree BA programs
  • BA Latin America Studies
  • European Studies "Language, Literature, Culture" (BA and MA)
  • Integrated German-French Political Science program (BA and MA)
  • BA Journalism
  • Flexible Bachelor’s and Flexible Master’s degree programs