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Welcome to Classical Archaeology at the KU

Are you interested in Greek and Roman culture? Would you like to study classical archeology in combination with other subjects? Then we invite you to take a look at our programs. Here at the KU, you can study archaeology in an excellent working atmosphere with small seminar groups and direct links to disciplines of history, philology, and cultural studies.

We offer the following study options:

  • Classical archaeology is available as a main or minor subject in the flexible interdisciplinary Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. It can be combined with several other subjects such as ancient history, classical philology, art history, or theater education.
  • We also offer the option to study classical archaeology as a main or minor subject in conjunction with art history in our Visual Arts program. The Classical Archeology and Art History departments offer a range of joint introductory courses, field trips, and other activities.
  • Within these programs you may also choose to focus on classical archaeology for your Bachelor's thesis, which will qualify you for admission to the Master's degree program in European Studies.
  • You can also combine archaeology with art history and a wide range of other subjects in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Aisthesis: Culture and Media. These programs take an interdisciplinary and international approach and focus particularly closely on historical and current media culture.
  • Furthermore, the KU is planning to introduce a degree program in archaeotourism, which will be run jointly by the departments of Classical Archaeology and Tourism Geography. This program will prepare students for careers in the tourism industry.

In addition to our Bachelor's and Master's programs, here at the KU we also offer opportunities for doctoral study. Alongside subject-specific and interdisciplinary support, doctoral candidates have access to courses run by the KU's Graduate Academy that are specially designed to teach transferable skills. We offer a wide range of interesting courses, including classics colloquia, an annual lecture series, and various interdisciplinary seminars.

Our network of contacts with archaeological parks and museums in the region enables our students to gain practical experience of excavation and museum work. Practical courses are held in collections in Munich, Erlangen, Würzburg, and Augsburg, among other locations. In the coming semesters we will be running field trips to Croatia and Spain.

One of the specializations of the Classical Archaeology department at the KU is Late Antiquity and the cultural heritage and development of the Roman Empire from the third to the sixth century AD. As we are a Catholic university, we are especially interested in the cultural and historical roots of the Christian faith. Late Antiquity was characterized to a large extent by radical changes, and in many areas it is possible to identify clear links between this period and the present.

Please note: As as our degree programs are taught mainly in German, degree-seeking students require German language proficiency. For details of the admission requirements and application procedure for international students, please see the information on application for full degree programs.