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Committees and Representatives at the Faculty of Languages and Literatures

The faculty’s most important committee is the Faculty Council. According to section 21 of the KU’s Basic Rules, the Faculty Council is responsible for all matters that are not the responsibility of the dean or another body at the faculty. The topics that it discusses are limited to issues of a fundamental nature. Where possible, the responsibility for implementing its decisions lies with the dean.

Another important committee at the faculty is the Doctoral Committee, which is responsible for overseeing doctoral procedures.

The Examination Board is responsible for ensuring the proper conduct of the bachelor's or master's examination. It is thus responsible for all questions concerning the examination in the study programm as well as for the applications of the students.

According to section 26 of the KU's Basic Rules, Women and Equal Opportunities Officers aim to ensure that there are no disadvantages for female and male researchers, teaching staff and students; they support the University in the fulfillment of its aims of promoting equal opportunities for women and men and of considering this to be the guiding principle.