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fold faq Chair of English Language and Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann

We are interested in the mental representation of language and particularly in cognitive approaches to language variation and change. Drawing on insights from construction grammar and cognitive linguistics, we focus on the regional and social variation of first, second, and foreign language varieties of English around the world. We aim to make substantial contributions to the understanding of synchronic variability and diachronic change of languages as well as the mental grammars of multilingual speakers.

Methodologically, we combine corpus-based approaches with experimental studies and place great emphasis on the advanced statistical analysis of objective, reliable, and valid sociolinguistic data.

In research and teaching, we offer broad training in all of the above subfields to enable our students and young researchers to carry out independent research on cognitive research questions as early as possible.

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fold faq Chair of English Literary Studies

Prof. Dr. Richard Nate

English literary studies focuses on the literature and culture of the British Isles from the early modern period to the 21st century. These topics are taught in various modules in teaching degree programs in English, in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in English Studies, and in the European Studies degree program.

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European Studies

The European Studies program mentor teaches courses amounting to approximately four hours per week on fundamental and advanced areas of European cultural history, and the way that European literatures and cultures perceive themselves and are perceived by others. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the program is run in collaboration with several other KU faculties and departments.

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fold faq Chair of American Studies

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schmidt

American Studies at Eichstätt is an interdisciplinary field that aims at a comprehensive understanding of North American literatures and cultures from early colonial times to the present.
With a special emphasis on race and diaspora studies, the program examines the variety of literatures in the U.S. and Canada from multiethnic, postcolonial, regional/transnational, and comparative perspectives, thus reflecting the internationalization of American Studies in recent years. Our research and teaching moreover reflects the multifold interrelations between various forms of media: investigations of visual and auditory cultures (photography, film, radio, music, TV) stand alongside theater and performance studies as well as architecture.
To explore this wide variety of textual, visual, audio, material, and performative manifestations and interpretations of American experiences, American Studies Eichstätt draws on methodologies ranging from literary and cultural studies to media theory and history and theories of space.

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fold faq Professorship of English Didactics

Prof. Dr. Heiner Böttger

The English Didactics team at the KU provides students of teaching degree programs with intensive, reflective, theoretical, and practical training, and supports them during their student teaching placements at schools.

Research priorities

  • Adult learning of English
  • Excellent foreign-language teaching at universities
  • Bilingualism and multilingualism
  • Pre-school and elementary English teaching
  • Learning disabilities and learning deficits
  • Literature didactics

Current research projects

  • Neurodidactic research on language acquisition
  • Multilingualism didactics
  • Portfolio
  • Oral language production in English
  • Virtual lesson observation

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