As the bike folds, lively discussions on civic engagement unfold

Where in our region can civic engagement, be seen? Who are the people that make a difference and what can volunteering accomplish? The project “Mensch in Bewegung” and Radio IN will spend the entire month of July on a bicycle tour, looking for the places where civic engagement in the region takes place and to the people who get involved in sports clubs, church communities, fire departments or district councils - to learn more about what drives them and what challenges they face in the process.

The tour through the districts of Eichstätt, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Pfaffenhofen and Ingolstadt takes place as part of the "Civic Engagement" theme year, which is being organized by the project “Mensch in Bewegung”.  With this joint project, the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU) and the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI) have set themselves the goal of contributing to social cooperation in the region, strengthening active and responsible citizenship, and honoring civic engagement in society. "The universities see themselves as involved universities. We want to take responsibility for public welfare in the region in order to promote commitment and actively help shape current social challenges," says Maria Bartholomäus, coordinator of the engagement program at both universities.

The commitment tour, which involves stops in more than 30 cities and communities, is being carried out in cooperation with the Ingolstadt-based media company Radio IN. On market places, in community centers, at a lake that is popular with swimmers or on the horticultural show Landesgartenschau, once arrived at its destination, the bike will convert into a stall and passers-by can get talking on the topic of “commitment”. Hopefully, as the bike folds, animated discussions will unfold. "We are very pleased that with Radio IN we were able to win a strong partner that will help us make the contribution of the people in the region visible over the coming weeks," explains Thomas Metten, initiator of the tour at the KU. One aim is to get to know committed people, clubs, associations and initiatives better in order to find out more about what the region needs to continue shaping conditions that are beneficial to civic engagement. "The campaign fits in perfectly with our profile as a regional radio station. We daily air reports on people in the region - when we were asked if we would like to cooperate, it didn't take us a long time to make a decision," says Oliver Scholtyssek, editorial program manager at Radio IN.

However, people do not have to wait at the tour’s stops to talk to the organizers. Everyone is welcome to accompany the cyclists of the two universities on any leg of their journey. "We are happy to meet people who do any kind of volunteer work. They often remain in the background, but what we want to do in July is to celebrate these people, thank them and tell their stories at Radio IN" said Benedikt Zipperer, administrative program manager at Funkhaus Ingolstadt, who is eagerly looking forward to the tour.

More information about the tour’s schedule is available on the website: