New CHE ranking: Students award above-average ratings

KU students have repeatedly awarded good ratings for study conditions and the degree program offer at the KU in the current ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). This year, among other things, the CHE has newly surveyed and compared the ratings for the subject of business administration in German-speaking countries. The results are published in the new edition of the ZEIT study guide.

Students enrolled in the Business Administration program at the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) rate the guidance they receive from lecturers, the support they receive during their studies, and their entry into professional practice as being particularly good: Respondents praised the appropriate group sizes in courses and the good social atmosphere between students and lecturers. They appreciate the availability of lecturers and their offers to debrief exams, written assignments or presentations. They also awarded above-average ratings for the quality and accessibility of materials for courses. In addition, students highlighted the support they receive when completing internships, as well as the networking opportunities with companies in the form of recruiting fairs or job fairs as particularly positive.

The support and advice for stays abroad also scored above average – students find the partner universities attractive, and the arrangement of internships abroad works very well, according to the CHE ranking. Prof. Dr. Alexander Danzer, Dean of Studies at WFI, emphasizes: "It is important to us to provide our students with experience abroad. International exchange prepares them for a diverse professional world and sends a strong signal to employers."

Students at the KU Faculty of Social Work were also invited to participate in the CHE survey. They praise the overall atmosphere at the University as well as KU's contacts with attractive partner universities abroad. In addition, they rate the placement of internships abroad as above average. Like the students of Business Administration, they rate the help they receive when embarking on their careers as very effective and appreciate the fact that the KU offers special programs for this purpose. What they appreciate most about the library is that the collection of books is very up-to-date and that workstations are always available.

For Prof. Dr. Klaus Meier, Vice President for Studies and Teaching, the survey results reflect the University's self-image: "The KU understands itself as a University where all students acquire valuable knowledge in a friendly environment and then carry that knowledge into their careers and into society as a whole." He said, he is pleased that students recognize and appreciate the opportunities the KU offers them in terms of networking and sustainable learning.

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About the CHE Ranking

According to CHE, the university ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development is the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in German-speaking countries, with around 120,000 students surveyed. The ranking has been carried out for 25 years. CHE Managing Director Frank Ziegele explains: "Prospective students get important first-hand information in the CHE ranking about what they can really expect at the respective universities."

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