Academic career paths

There are a variety of different career paths in academia. A successful doctoral degree lays the foundation for an academic career, regardless of which position you have in mind. Having attained a doctoral degree, various career paths will be open to you, both within and without the academic world.


The doctoral degree - your first step towards an academic career

After obtaining a doctoral degree, young researchers can enter non-university professional practice, or continue and further develop their academic careers as a post-doc at a university or a non-university research institution.

Qualification paths to professorship - and beyond

There are numerous different paths that can lead to your qualification for a professorship or a leading position in academia. In addition to the usual path of habilitation, this career goal can also be reached by leading a junior research group, holding a tenure-track professorship, or demonstrating achievements equivalent to a habilitation. There are also numerous career options in science management or other academic-related fields.