Academic Careers - Young Researchers

The KU is a place of excellent scientific research and first choice for young researchers at all stages of their careers.

The Academic Careers Team is responsible for continuously developing and enhancing the learning environment and developmental opportunities for students during doctoral degrees, in the post-doctoral phase and along the various paths to attaining a professorship. We help young researchers to shape and further their professional careers by providing a wide range of opportunities, including the Young Researchers Day, workshop and training programmes, personal advice and mentoring and help in creating your own internal and external networks.

We coordinate our offers with HR Development and Professional Training  (incl. academic teaching) and our Women's and Equal Opportunities Officer. More detailed information about their programs are provided on the respective websites.

All of these developmental opportunities aimed at offering support to young researchers are based on our guidelines for the promotion of young researchers and the guiding principles of excellence, internationalisation and personal development.

A particular aim of the Academic Careers Team is to ensure transparency at an early stage with regard to the contractual conditions, the learning environment and developmental opportunities offered to students pursuing an academic career, and possible Academic Career Paths.