Workshop Program

To help young researchers develop and extend their skills, the Academic Careers Team regularly compiles a workshop program offering training opportunities in the areas of Scientific Methodology and Practice, Academic Writing and Publishing, Presentation, Communication and Organization Skills.


Scientific Methodology and Practice

It is important at each stage of your doctoral studies to deepen your knowledge and extend your skills in the application of specific methodologies and the use of analytical tools. It is also important to keep up-to-date with the professional ethics of research and the requirements of good academic practice.  Various training events for beginners and advanced researchers support doctoral candidates in personal skill-building in these areas.

Scientific writing and publishing
Academic Writing and Publishing

Publishing your own research results is a key task for all researchers. Training courses on publishing your research will not only help you to write your own texts, but also give you an insight into publication practices, working with publishers, and copyright and open access issues. The University Library is often involved in training events in this area.

Presentation and Communication Skills

Presenting your own research project in a concise and convincing manner can be a challenge. In addition, as you increasingly take on more responsibility in the course of your research, the demands on your communication skills will also increase. The training workshops on Presentation and Communication Skills are designed to help you develop your abilities in these areas.

Organization Skills

Planning your doctoral studies is essential in order for you to successfully complete your doctoral degree. It will also help you to prepare for the next stage of your career. Training workshops on Organizational Skills will help you proactively plan your career and keep focused on your goals.


Magdalena Schönweitz
Dr. Magdalena Schönweitz
Research and Tenure-Track Officer