The ZFG Happiness Barometer: What Should Remain when the Pandemic goes?

The Corona pandemic changed people's everyday lives in a dramatic way. Things that were taken for granted were lost. Many have to live with worries, fears, drastic changes or even cope with illness and death. Others, however, also experience positive and valuable things as a result of the developments, which they no longer want to miss. Many people even have both experiences.

Against this background, the ZFG would like to present the project "The ZFG Happiness Barometer: What Should Remain When the Pandemic Goes?" to give a voice to people from the most diverse areas of society, with different professions and lifestyles.

To this end, 11 people were initially asked to answer the following questions in statements lasting around 60 seconds:

What should remain when the pandemic goes? And what will happiness mean to you in the future?

You can access the statements (in German language only) here.