Research infrastructure at the KU

At the KU, research also takes place in institutional settings.

Research units and institutes at individual chairs or faculties carry out excellent fundamental research in various fields of specialization and often in combination with application-oriented research.

Researchers from different faculties also join forces in centers at the KU and conduct interdisciplinary research on issues that are relevant for society as a whole.

With the recent establishment of its research Centers for Advanced Studies, the KU systematically supports outstanding fundamental research at the University. The research centers for advanced studies are particularly concerned with strengthening, interdisciplinary networking and the further development of research on topics that form the KU's profile. A special focus is on the active promotion of young scientists.

New KU Center for Religion, Church and Society in Transformation (ZRKG)

The ZRKG bundles, coordinates and initiates research on the interrelationships of religion, church and society under the aspects of change and transformation.

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Development and expansion of research infrastructures

The University Management attaches particular importance to the development and expansion of research structures at the KU. A strong network of research structures enables us to carry out important research, make it visible and transfer it into our teaching practice and transfer projects.

The Vice-President for Research, the Research Service Center (ZFF) and various committees and commissioners of the University Management are available as contact persons and advisors for fundamental questions of research and improvements of the structural conditions.