Relevant committees and officers


In addition to the Presidium, there are various committees and commissioners at the KU who advise on matters of fundamental importance for research and for the promotion of young scientists and artists.

Vice President for Research

The Vice president for Research is a member of the Presidium.


  • Responsibility within the University Management for central research centres and institutes of the KU
  • Responsibility within the University Management for the Research Service Center (ZFF) and the Graduate Center
  • Measures to promote research
  • Chair of the Presidential Commission for Research
  • Research awards and prizes
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Responsibility within the University Management for networking the Eichstätt and Ingolstadt sites
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)


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Presidential Commission for Research

The University Management has established a Presidential Commission for Research in accordance with Section 11 (7) of the Basic Rules. The tasks of this advisory body are

  • Advice on the allocation and monitoring of individual funding lines of internal research funding
  • Advisory participation in the pre-selection and development of criteria for quality assurance in large scale applications for external funding
  • Providing advice for the Presidium on issues of research strategy
  • Preparing and monitoring the KU's accession process to the DFG 


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Senate and Senate Committee for Research

The Senate consists of six representatives of the university lecturers within the meaning of Art. 17 para. 2 no. 1 BayHSchG, one representative of the academic and artistic staff, one representative of the research support staff, two representatives of the students and the University's women and equal opportunity officer. The members of the Presidium participate in the meetings in an advisory capacity. The substitute representatives of the senate members may also participate in an advisory capacity.


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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of the KU is the body that ensures that empirical studies on humans are carried out in accordance with legal and scientific regulations. In particular, it shall examine whether

  •     hazards to study participants are excluded,
  •     the resulting burdens on the study participants are justified by the benefit of the study
  •     study participants are adequately informed about the objectives and the conduct of a study,
  •     study participants can give informed consent to participate in a study, and
  •     data protection laws are observed in the collection, storage and processing of data.

The Ethics Committee will only act at the request of the project managers. Since scientists are obliged to comply with the above rules, the involvement of the Ethics Committee is generally recommended for empirical studies involving humans.


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Representative for Scientific Self-Regulation and Ombudsman

Representative: Prof. Dr. Joost van Loon

Deputy Representative: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kuhn


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Representative for DFG Affairs and Liaison Officer of the DFG

Representative for DFG Affairs: Prof. Dr. Michael Becht (Physical Geography)


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Women and equal opportunity officers

The women and equal opportunity officers (FuGB) support the University in fulfilling its task of enforcing real equality between women and men and taking this into account as a guiding principle. They also work to eliminate existing disadvantages.

In order to promote equal opportunities for women in research and teaching, scholarships are awarded to excellent young female scientists who are currently working on a qualification project at the KU. Selected female doctoral students are granted 1200 euros per month for a maximum of 12 months, while female habilitation candidates receive 2400 euros per month for one year.


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