Executive Research Committee

The University Management has established an Executive Research Committee in accordance with Section 11 para. 7 of the Basic Rules. The tasks of this advisory committee are:

  • Giving advice in connection with allocation and monitoring of individual funding lines within the internal research funding program
  • Advisory participation in pre-selecting and developing quality criteria in quality assurance connected to large-scale third-party funding applications
  • Giving advice to the Presidium in connection with research-related questions
  • Preparing and supporting the membership process to the German Research Foundation (DFG) pursued by the KU


Members of the Executive Research Committee

(Last updated: January 2023):


Vice President for Research Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve


Other voting members:
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Becht (Faculty of Mathematics and Geography)
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Cyffka (Faculty of Mathematics and Geography)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann (Faculty of Languages and Literatures)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Kirschner (Faculty of Theology)
  • Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schmidt (Faculty of Languages and Literatures)
  • Prof. Dr. Marco Steinhauser (Faculty of Philosophy and Education ) as well as


Advisory members:

Research Service Center


Jens Hogreve
Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve
Vice President for Research