Research centres and research institutes at faculties and chairs


At many chairs and faculties, third-party funded projects and initiatives have led to the establishment of research centres and institutes that carry out excellent fundamental research in extensive networks.

Floodplain Institute Neuburg

The research center Floodplain Institute Neuburg, which is assigned to the Chair of Applied Physical Geography, is located in the Auenzentrum Neuburg and is funded by the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen. The research focuses on floodplain and watercourse ecology and the associated tasks of renaturation. The most important aspect here is to restore a sustainable perspective to the nature impaired in these areas. In doing so, conflicts of use, as they exist in the areas of water management and forestry, must be taken into account. Research for sustainability is the ultimate goal, in which the path must be aligned in such a way that all socially relevant uses can be carried out at the same location in an environmentally compatible manner.


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Research Center for Oriental Christianity

The Research Center for Oriental Christianity, which is part of the Faculty of Theology, is particularly concerned with all aspects of the church and social life of oriental Christians from the beginnings to the present. Its work covers the geographical area from Ethiopia to Georgia and from the eastern Mediterranean to India and East Asia. The research center supports students from these countries. Another of the aims of the Research Center is to contribute to a better understanding of the situation and concerns of Christians in the Orient in science and society.


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KU Research Institute for Taxation

The KU Research Institute for Taxation bundles and coordinates the activities in the field of "Taxation" at the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.

At the Research Institute, the Chair of Economics, esp. Public Finance (Prof. Dr. Langenmayr)  and the Department of Business Administration and Business Taxation (Prof. Dr. Koch)  as well as their staff are particularly involved. Both chairs work closely together in research, teaching and transfer activities. Other chairs at the faculty are also involved when they carry out research projects with appropriate content. In this way, the Institute facilitates the exchange of ideas between the chairs.

In addition, the Institute communicates the results of its research in the field of taxation to the outside world, especially to the interested public, business and politics. It thus increases the visibility of the existing research focus at the faculty and is a clear contact for the media. It also enables students of the Master Program Taxation to gain insight into current research.


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KU Research Institute for Business and Economics in Service of Humanity (BESH)

The aim of KU Research Institute for Business and Economics in Service of Humanity (BESH) is to develop, publish and elevate collaborative, interdisciplinary research in Business and Economics that address urgent challenges facing humanity. These include challenges and topics in health, education, financial well-being, migration, responsible consumption, digitization and the labor market, and the development of smart and sustainable service offerings. BESH is an initiative of four professors at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the WFI Ingolstadt School of Management: Prof. Alexander Danzer (Chair of Microeconomics), Prof. Jens Hogreve (Chair of Service Management), Prof. Shashi Matta (Chair of Innovation and Creativity) and Prof. Simon Wiederhold (Chair of Macroeconomics).


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