Centers and central institutes of the KU

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In the centers and central institutes of the KU, scientists conduct interdisciplinary research across faculties on issues that are relevant for society as a whole. In addition to numerous research projects, the centers and central institutes are also involved in teaching and special transfer projects.

ZRKG – KU Center for Religion, Church and Society in Transformation

The KU Zentrum Religion, Kirche, Gesellschaft im Wandel is a cross-faculty, interdisciplinary research institution of the KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. It bundles, coordinates and initiates research on the interrelationships of religion, Church and society under the aspects of change and transformation. The ZRKG continuously expands its expertise through the exchange with nationally and internationally renowned scholars* and also promotes young scholars.

Heads of the KU-Zentrum: Prof. Dr. Martin Kirschner (Theology in the Transformation Processes of the Present) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Pittrof (Modern German Literature Studies)

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ZFG - Center for Marriage and Family in Society

The Center for Marriage and Family in Society (ZFG) is a research institute of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.

As an interdisciplinary research institute, the ZFG combines expertise from various disciplines, including sociology, economics, political science, psychology, education and theology. The institute's working methods include basic research in the social sciences, applied research as well as consulting and continuing education. Our tasks also include the monitoring and evaluation of family science projects. In addition, the ZFG participates in discourses on normative questions concerning marriage, family and partnership.

The research projects of the ZFG are designed and implemented in cooperation with various partners from business, politics and the church. Since 2002, there has been a close partnership with the Catholic Military Bishop's Office (KMBA).


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ZILAS - Center for Latin American Studies

ZILAS bundles the Latin America research at the KU, makes interdisciplinary references visible and makes them productive. The three lines of research described here were defined on the basis of the research interests currently pursued by the members of the Institute in their various subjects and disciplines. They thus reflect the already existing interdisciplinary networking and reveal a profile that can be seen as an offer for further cooperation in research, within the KU and beyond. The lines of research define fields of interest between subjects and disciplines, which provide frameworks for interdisciplinary research proposals.


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ZFM – Center for Flight and Migration

The Center for Flight and Migration (ZFM) is an interdisciplinary institution for research and education at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. It deals with global and regional migration processes as social normality with the aim of helping to shape a sustainable, just, responsible and integrative society.

The portfolio of the ZFM includes various research projects and educational formats. The research profile is divided into the three fields of civic engagement, values and publicity in the migration society as well as causes and effects of the phenomenon of flight. These reflect in their research perspectives both the regional and the (inter-)national orientation of the ZFM.


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