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Accommodation in Eichstätt and Ingolstadt


In comparison to bigger university towns, apartments and rooms in student residences are relatively inexpensive in Eichstätt and Ingolstadt. Notices posted around campus are a good place to look for accommodation. You can also contact the KU’s accommodation service or get in touch with the organizations that run the student residences.

Housing Service of the International Office

As an exchange student, you may make use of the Housing Service offered by the KU. The International Office will help you find accommodation and facilitate the contact between you and your future landlord or landlady. This service is free of charge. However, a Housing Service deposit of € 350, which is refunded after the end of your rental contract, is charged. More...

Private accommodation

Many private rooms and apartments are advertised by the students who are moving out. You can find advertisements for these on the notice boards around campus. A list of vacant private rooms and apartments is available from the Student Office.
You can request a copy of the current list by e-mail (zimmerangebote(at) The list only includes accommodation in Eichstätt and the surrounding area.



Student residences in Eichstätt

Various non-profit organizations operate the following student residences in Eichstätt:
Wohnheim Edith Stein    115 single and 12 double apartments
Kardinal-Schröffer-Haus     66 single and 10 double/family apartments
Wohnheim St. Michael    64 single rooms, 5 apartments
Wohnheim Maria Ward    63 single apartments
Wohnanlage St. Stilla    45 single apartments
Unitas Studentenheim    8 single rooms (male students only)
Haus Alcimonia    5 single rooms (male students only)

There are also several privately owned student residences:
Wohnanlage Freiwasser    274 apartments
Wohnanlage Schottenau    198 apartments
Wohnheim Aumühle 1    38 small and 7 larger apartments
Quartier Spitalstadt    18 single rooms in 2/3-person apartments
Turmgasse 7    13 apartments
Pfahlstr. 18    12 apartments
Wohnanlage Buchtalflosse    10 apartments
Pedettistr. 26    9 single rooms
Konrad-Kieser-Str. 2    6 apartments
Obereichstätt (3.5km outside Eichstätt)    5 apartments
Richard-Strauß-Str. 51   12 apartments

Accommodation in Ingolstadt

There are also a range of different types of accommodation available in Ingolstadt that are close to the University and the city center. More information is available in German at