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Student representatives

The student representatives form the Student Representatives Council and represent students’ interests in various committees at the KU. Students who want to get involved in initiatives on a volunteer basis can take part in the Council’s various working groups on cultural and social topics.

Who is part of the Student Representatives Council?
As of the winter semester 2016/17, the KU’s Student Representatives Council has 45 members. These are the student representatives who are involved in various KU committees as voting or advisory members. The Senate and the University Council are the two main committees for the University as a whole. They are responsible for decisions that are significant for the development of the University, such as setting up and discontinuing degree programs, as well as fundamental aspects of university policy. Professors, research staff, and administrative staff are the main members of the committees, but students also involved in decisions that affect the whole KU. The Senate includes two student members with voting rights and two who attend the meetings in an advisory capacity. One student represents students’ concerns in the University Council. Students are also involved in decision-making at faculty level. Each Faculty Council has three student members with voting rights and two who are involved in an advisory capacity. The student representatives are elected by the students each year (usually in July). The names of all student representatives are available at

Tasks of the Student Representatives Council
The Student Representatives Council’s tasks are defined in the Bavarian Higher Education Act:

  • Communicating the academic, economic, and social concerns of students to the University Management
  • Dealing with matters affecting all subjects that arise in the university committees in which the student representatives are involved, such as the Senate and the Faculty Councils
  • Promoting the intellectual, musical, and sporting interests of students
  • Promoting contacts between German and international students

More information is available in German at

Working groups and subject groups
The Student Representatives Council’s main work is carried out by its Spokespersons Council and in the Student Plenary Assembly, but it also has a variety of working groups for various specific topics, such as culture, the environment, course evaluation, finances, public relations, networking, and central facilities. In most cases all students with an interest are able to take part in these groups – not just the elected members of the Student Representatives Council.  In addition, students of each individual degree program have their own subject group. More information on the Student Representatives Council, contact details, and useful links are available at

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