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Studium.Pro – Education with a unique academic profile

Studium.Pro is the KU’s range of co- and extra-curricular courses. Here ‘Pro’ stands for profile and profession, as well as proactive engagement with society.

Studium.Pro offers students the opportunity to enrich their education by broadening their knowledge and gaining transferable skills for their future careers. It enables them to get involved in interdisciplinary discussion on current issues, learn specialist approaches to diverse topics that affect multiple disciplines, participate in projects that deal with current social topics and challenges, or develop practical skills for the world of work. We are currently re-structuring our existing co- and extra-curricular courses and developing new ones. Please see the detailed information on each area to find out when specific options will be available.

In the medium term Studium.Pro will be implemented in all degree programs as a compulsory component. This means that in the future all students will be required to obtain a minimum of 5 ECTS credits in Studium.Pro from the areas Pro Discourse, Pro Horizons, and/or Pro Society. For this reason, starting in the winter semester 2017/18, inclusion of the compulsory Studium.Pro component will be a requirement in the accreditation and re-accreditation process for all KU programs.

The various elements of Studium.Pro reflect an academic culture of responsibility, which is very important for the KU. The different areas illustrate the key principles that shape teaching and learning at our university: academic study and holistic education through interdisciplinary discourse, personal development and values, social responsibility, practical knowledge and professional skills, and an international perspective. Studium.Pro is divided into five areas with different content and structures: Pro Discourse, Pro Horizons, Pro Society, Pro Career and Pro Internationals.

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