Studying in Eichstätt

Sommerresidenz im Frühling

A picturesque natural park and a vibrant old town, imposing baroque buildings and modern architecture, a bishop’s seat and university town – there are many sides to Eichstätt. Studying here means living in one of the regions in Germany with the best quality of life.

Eichstätt is situated at the heart of Bavaria. With a population of around 13 400, it is the smallest university town in Europe. This means that KU students based in Eichstätt benefit from a friendly atmosphere not only on campus but also around the town. Whether it is on the way to a lecture in the morning, in a café in the afternoon or in the pub in the evening, you will often come across people you know. It is easy to meet people in Eichstätt.

Historic yet modern

If you ever feel like a change from the smalltown feel in Eichstätt, there are several bigger and busier cities close by – Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and Nuremberg, the biggest city in Franconia, are both just an hour away by car or train. But there is plenty to see in Eichstätt too. Traces of Eichstätt’s 1100-year history can be seen all over the town. Imposing baroque buildings designed by Jakob Engel, Gabriel de Gabrieli and Maurizio Pedetti give the old town an element of Italian flair. The Willibaldsburg castle with its famous Archaeopteryx fossil and Hortus Eytettensis garden towers over the town. As a bishop’s seat, Eichstätt has various churches and monasteries, the most magnificent of which are the cathedral and the monastery church of St. Walburg. The simple beauty of the Jura-Häuser, a style of building that is typical of the area, provides an interesting contrast. The modern architecture of some of the University’s buildings, designed by wellknown architects such as Karljosef Schattner and Günter Behnisch, has won several awards.

A green place to live and study

The town is situated inside the Altmühltal natural park with its Jurassic rock formations, picturesque river banks and juniper heaths. It is a paradise for nature lovers with many opportunities for cycling, walking, climbing and canoeing. The Hofgarten park in the center of the Eichstätt campus and the nearby banks of the Altmühltal river are the perfect places to relax. The outdoor swimming pool and beer After dark the pubs and student parties are the places to go. There is also a cinema and a night club. Theke, a bar run by students for students, is the heart of the student scene and the ideal location for a round of drinks.

Low costs and high standard of living

According to a ranking by Focus magazine, the district of Eichstätt is the best place to live in Germany. This is thanks to the region’s strong economy. Eichstätt has had the lowest unemployment rate of any district in Germany for many years (December 2016: 1.4 percent). Alongside the University, the Church and government authorities, the main employers are the large companies based in Ingolstadt. And the region’s security is not just economic: in 2015, the district had the lowest crime rate in the country.

The cost of this high standard of living is comparatively low. You can find regional specialties at low prices in restaurants and cafés and at the weekly market. Some places even offer student discounts. Accommodation is also affordable on a student budget. In addition to apartments and rooms offered by private providers, there are 17 student residences run by non-profit and private providers. The International Office provides assistance for international students looking for accommodation.