Business Administration International

Master of Science
Selection procedure: see examination regulations
Language requirements
German A2, English B2 (for Toulouse: French A2)
Admission restriction
Selection procedure
Application period winter
May 01 - Jun 30
Place of study
Ingolstadt & Kochi (India) or Toulouse (France)
Start of the program
Winter semester
Standard length of the program
4 Semester
Semester fee
56,00 Euro
Part-time studies possible


The double Master’s degree in Business Administration International is a special study program with selected international partner universities (Toulouse Business School and Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies). Graduates of the degree programs are awarded the academic degree of Master of Science (MSc in Business Administration) from the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) and a postgraduate degree (MSc or PGDM) from one of the partner universities. The degree program offers an unforgettable, intercultural study experience and serves as an ideal basis for an international career.

The program in detail


In the double Master's degree in Business Administration International, students complete the first two semesters at the WFI and continue their studies in the third and fourth semesters at the Toulouse Business School in France or the RCBS in India.

At the WFI, students deepen their knowledge in one of the five Master's specializations: MARKET (Market-oriented Management), FACT (Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation), ENTRE (Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation), Digital Customer Experience & Service Design and BAOR (Business Analytics & Operations Research). Optionally, students can also choose to acquire skills from all five areas of specialization.

They must complete required modules and required elective modules to the extent of 30 ECTS credits each. The required modules must be selected from the required module offer of the other Master's degree programs, with one required module ("Ethics”) that must be chosen. The required elective modules also refer to the required elective modules of MARKET, FACT, ENTRE, Digital Customer Experience & Service Design and BAOR. Students thus receive 60 ECTS credits in the first two semesters at the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI).

The further course of the Master's program differs depending on the choice of the partner university abroad. Depending on where they study, students acquire a further 60 ECTS credits in the third and fourth semesters at the RCBS in India or 90 ECTS credits at the tbs in France. Overall, students complete the Master's degree program in Business Administration International after only four semesters with two Master's degrees.

Module plan

Module plan India
Module plan France

The program in awards and rankings

The degree programs offered by the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) regularly score top positions in popular university rankings.

  • Top positions in Trendence Graduate Baromenter 2017
  • CHE Ranking: WFI was awarded top ranking in categories “teaching offer”, “completion of programs within reasonable time period” and “students overall”
  • According to the magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the KU and its faculty WFI is among the top 20 universities in Germany for business administration programs that recruiters like to see in job applications of graduates.
  • Top rankings in 'Logistik Masters' 2016, 2017

Rankings and assessments


KU students and alumni have voted for their University to be Germany's most popular university in the 2021 ranking of the online portal StudyCheck. The ranking was based on over 40,000 evaluations for more than 500 higher education institutions and universities. 98 percent of students questioned for the ranking would recommend studying at the KU to others.

"There is no better praise for a university than almost 100 percent of students and alumni agreeing: I can only recommend studying at the KU! That is why we are very pleased with the ranking’s outcome, because it expresses the high level of satisfaction of our students," says KU President Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gien.

More ranking results

Studying abroad

In the third and fourth semesters, students have the opportunity to continue their studies abroad at one of the WFI's partner universities. Students can choose between the Toulouse Business School (tbs) in France and the Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS) in India.

Partner universities

Toulouse Business School, Toulouse (France)


The Toulouse Business School, one of the renowned "Grandes Écoles" of France, offers its students all the advantages of an international university with a friendly atmosphere, in addition to an excellent business qualification with a high practical component.

Toulouse Business School is a Triple Crown accredited business school. This means it bears the important international quality seals of EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. It belongs to the “Grandes Écoles” system, the most prestigious group of universities in the French higher education system and is one of the leading French graduate business schools. The Toulouse Business School was founded in 1903. Originally located in a 15th-century convent in the old town, the facility now has a "downtown" campus in the city center and a high-tech campus on the outskirts. The campus, a harmonious mixture of aesthetic architecture and functional excellence, is located in the heart of the business complex near Toulouse city center.

Foto TBS
Foto TBS

Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, Kochi (India)


In its tradition as a Carmelite university, the Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS) together with its sister institution Rajagiri College for Social Studies (RCSS) has been training students in the field of business and economics and social sciences since the middle of the 20th century.


Semester abroad in Toulouse

Foto Hackenberg
© privat
Kathrin Hackenberg

"The double Master’s degree with Toulouse Business School allows students to obtain degrees from two renowned universities and at the same time offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of content. I was able to select my major field of study independently from the course programs of both universities and enhance it with an integrated internship.”

Semester abroad in India

Andreas Fink

"The double Master’s degree with RCBS in Kochi, India, gave me the great opportunity to deepen my knowledge I acquired during my studies in Ingolstadt at a university in an incredibly diverse and exciting country. Studying at the RCBS was as rewarding as it was challenging. Through the academic, social and especially intercultural exchange, I not only developed personally, but also made great friends! Looking back, I would not want to miss this experience under any circumstances. The additional degree was initially only a secondary consideration for me; but as it turned out, it stands out as a unique selling point in application processes.”

Practical connection

The double Master’s program with the Toulouse Business School includes a fixed international internship of six months.

Students at the WFI have many opportunities to put what they have learned into practice. Thanks to collaborations with leading companies and organizations in many different fields, the KU is able to offer excellent prospects when it comes to finding internships and starting a career in Germany or abroad. Networking opportunities are provided by our University’s career fair “Company Day” and many other recruiting events, as well as presentations by companies and various workshops.

Studying at the WFI is more than ‘just’ learning. Most students are active in different student organizations. Like this, they continuously hone their soft skills and can exchange views with students from other disciplines. The “WFI spirit” means outstanding commitment.

Career possibilities and professional fields

Career prospects

The double Master’s program in International Business Administration enables students to live and study in two different countries. This international experience is of great advantage for professional perspectives in a multinational company and offers all alumni a wide range of different career options.

International management consultant

This professional field involves the development, elaboration and conception of various ideas, strategies and goals for different clients and projects in an international environment.

International marketing manager

Global brands operate worldwide in different markets. As an international marketing manager, it is important to know these differences and to be able to develop appropriate marketing strategies for the different target markets in order to position the brand successfully.

Global sourcing manager

Global Sourcing is part of the strategic procurement management in worldwide purchasing processes. In contrast to local procurement policy, a Global sourcing manager analyses the international procurement market around the globe.

Academic career

The international double Master’s degree also equips students with all the skills and abilities they need for an academic career. For example, there is the possibility to pursue a doctorate following the Master's degree.

Alumni testimonials

Foto Birmes
© privat
Camilla Birmes, tbs

"The German-French double Master has enabled me to further develop my basic knowledge from my Bachelor's degree at the WFI at two top European universities and to test it in an international context. Above all, the strong practical relevance and the opportunities to specialize in a particular subject area on the one hand, and to look beyond the horizon and create interdisciplinary links on the other hand, thanks to the wide range of options, set this degree program apart.

The degree program is rounded off by the friendly relationship and the intensive commitment of the students and lecturers at both universities, which make these Master's studies a genuinely intercultural experience.”

What students say about the program

Foto Käser
© privat
Simone Käser, tbs

"I decided to enroll for the double Master's degree in International Business Administration because of the high practical orientation of the studies through projects with partner companies at both universities as well as the integrated six-month internship. In addition, the French language courses allow me to continuously develop my language skills in both academic and professional contexts at a high level. Thanks to these unique and very individual study conditions at the WFI and tbs, I feel well prepared for a career start on the Franco-German job market.”

Foto Rummel
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Tobias Rummel, tbs

"Studying at the WFI is really great! In small groups, you can learn from experts in theory and practice. The double Master's degree in International Business Administration in cooperation with the Toulouse Business School gives you the opportunity to either specify your knowledge in one of the study specializations or to expand your skills and competences in many different areas. The semester abroad in Toulouse, followed by an internship abroad, rounds off the international framework of the degree program.”

Foto Römer
© privat
Nina Römer, tbs

"Already during my Bachelor’s studies at the WFI, I knew that I wanted to do a double Master's degree in International Business Administration in cooperation with the Toulouse Business School. This Master's degree program is a unique opportunity to do my Master's at the WFI and at the same time makes my dream of studying abroad come true. Thanks to this degree program, I feel perfectly prepared for an international career, as the program combines the best of the German and French educational systems. Tbs is one of the top business schools in France and it is an honor for me to study one year at this university and to be part of the student life in France. I can recommend this degree program to all motivated and ambitious students who want to add that little extra to their CVs".

The KU


Short distances on campus at the KU save time and avoid stress. The campus in Ingolstadt, home to the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI), consists of the Main Building and the New Building, separated by a peaceful courtyard. The ample green spaces on the Ingolstadt campus invite students to enjoy their surroundings outside during lecture breaks and meet fellow students. If you prefer to spend your breaks in town running errands, Ingolstadt’s city center is just a few minutes’ walk away. Other faculty buildings are the Studierendenhaus and the Hohe Schule that was home to the first Bavarian state university in the 15th century.

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What sets the KU apart

Studying at the KU is more than just acquiring specialist knowledge. We broaden our horizons together and take on responsibility in and beyond the individual degree programs. The KU has a particular focus on topics such as personal development, sustainability, social skills and social commitment.

It offers its students the possibility to study and work in a welcoming atmosphere and benefit from outstanding support and comprehensive service offers, a well-stocked library, a broad range of sports and leisure activities and a large global network with over 260 partner universities.

Do I have to be Catholic in order to study at the KU? Do I have to deal with Catholic contents during my studies?

No, the KU is open to students of all faiths and beliefs.

At the KU, just as at all state universities, there is freedom of research and teaching. This means that our degree programs focus on the subjects for which you have enrolled – free from external influences.

As a student at our University, you will notice what our understanding of being a Catholic University means for us in one thing in particular: The University’s focus is on the individual person. The talents and potential of all those who teach, study, work and carry out research at the KU form our most important foundation – regardless of their religion or beliefs, nationality, ethical, cultural or social background, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation or age.

This is why we promote your best possible academic education through personal support and an ideal staff-to-student ratio. At the same time, the KU is more than just a place for earning your degree: We attach particular importance to imparting social skills and advancing our students’ sense and value orientation in addition to providing them with a high level of academic and methodical qualification.

Our aspiration for our University is to build bridges between science and society and to make knowledge available for society as well as to integrate impulses from outside the University into our research and teaching practice. We aim to make a valuable contribution to social coexistence, to the free democratic basic order and to preserving creation. 

Isn’t Eichstätt quite small for a university town?

With a population of around 15,000, it is probably the smallest university town in Europe. For our students, this means living and learning in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Whether it is on the way to a lecture in the morning, at the canteen for lunch or in the pub in the evening, you will often come across people you know. It is easy to meet people in Eichstätt! By the way, the KU’s “living room” is the Theke, a bar run by students for students. Here, people meet for parties, jam sessions, karaoke evenings or a cozy round of table football.

A small town also means short distances: The library, the swimming pool, the cinema or the supermarket – everything can be reached in a few minutes on foot or by bike. The town is located right in the heart of the Altmühltal natural park – a real paradise for climbers, canoeists, hikers and cyclists just around the corner.

Should you still reach a point when you feel too cooped in, you can breathe big city air easily near Eichstätt. Ingolstadt with its 135,000 inhabitants is only a few kilometers away and offers a variety of shopping and nightlife options.

Can I also study at the KU if I have completed the Fachabitur?

Yes, you can study certain degree programs at the KU with a subject-specific university entrance qualification (Fachabitur). These are: Social Work (BA) and Religious Education (BA).


The location

© City of Ingolstadt Cathedral
© City of Ingolstadt Kreuztor
© City of Ingolstadt Town hall square
Ice hockey ERC Ingolstadt
© ERC Ingolstadt Ice hockey ERC Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria after Munich and is only a 30-minute drive away from the state capital. Located in the heart of the Altmühl valley and the largest hop-growing area in the world - the Hallertau - Ingolstadt has a broad cultural offer.

There are regular classical concerts in the AUDI forum, many different student events, and the Volksfeste, beer festivals that are typical for Bavaria (small Oktoberfest Wiesn festivals). Ingolstadt has many restaurants, bars, beer gardens and clubs that are all located in the historical, picturesque old town and are perfect for enjoying a beer or two with friends after the lectures. Last but not least, Munich with its vast cultural offer is just around the corner.

Together with the district of Eichstätt, the Ingolstadt region has the lowest unemployment rate in Germany. This is partly owing to the fact that many well-known large companies such as EADS, AUDI, EDEKA, Media-Markt Saturn or Hipp have their headquarters in the Ingolstadt region.

More on Ingolstadt as a study location

Advisory Service

Some offers and study conditions are different for international students – our International Office is happy to provide help and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team. We are happy to accompany you on your way to the KU and hope that we can welcome you in person soon!

David Guevara
David Guevara
Coordinator Welcome Services and International Campus
Building Domplatz 8  |  Room: DP8-203 | Campus Eichstätt

Subject Advisor WFI

Franziska Rast
Franziska Rast
Student Counselling


The application process for international applicants is now completely digital. You can register online in our application portal and carry out and submit your application. After you have carried out the application and uploaded your documents, you do not need to send your documents to us again by post. You do have to submit certified true copies only if you are admitted at the time of enrollment.

Depending on the course of study, you may be asked for information on internships, professional experience, etc. Please upload the relevant documents in the upload area for all the information you provide, even if these are not mandatory fields!

Before you start the application process, please read the additional information on this page, in particular the information on the respective (German) language requirements and university entrance qualifications.

Study places

Total of available study places for the master’s degree in business administration for all areas of specialization together (BA&OR, DICE, ENTRE, FACT, INTERNATIONAL and MARKT):

  • Winter semester 2021/2022: 100
  • sommer semester 2022: 60

Please note, that the selection process is highly competitive.


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