University user ID

Your university user ID gives you access to all of the KU’s online services, in particular KU.Campus (which is used to register for modules and courses), the ILIAS e-learning platform, and your e-mail account. You will also need your user ID to connect to the campus WiFi on your laptop.

Getting an university user ID

For students

Beispiel einer KU.Card

Every student of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU) gets a university user ID by default. This ID is your account to access all central services of the KU.

A letter with the user ID is send to you after you enrollment. This letters contains the "Freischalt-Passwort", a temporary password to activate your ID and account. Your ID is also printed on your KU.Card.

The ID is valid from the date of your enrolment until 4 month after your exmatriculation.

For the staff

New employees are required to make an application for the university user ID at the computer center. The form for the application either is provided by HR or can be downloaded here. Please send the completed application to the secretary's office of the computer center.

You will get an email to the inbox of your private email address with your new user id, your university email address and the "Freischalt-Passwort", the temporary password to unlock your account.

If an employee leaves the KU, the university user ID and the email address will be locked immediately. After 6 month, the university user ID will be completely deleted.

The university user ID is also a requirement for external lecturers. Their user ID is only valid for one semester and must be renewed each semester

further information

Each user will be notified by email before their account will be terminated or locked.

Important: Each account must be activated with the "Freischalt-Passwort", a temporary password that is provided to you.

The university user ID and the library account are not the same: A separate account is needed for the library.

Activating the user ID

Each user ID must be activated before it can be used.

For the activation process you will need the "Freischalt-Passwort", a temporary password to activate your account. This "Freischalt-Passwort" will either be send to you by letter or the inbox of your private email address. With the "Freischalt-Passwort" you can generate your own and individual password for your account.

Activate your account by clicking the activate your university user ID button.