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History of Theological Studies at Eichstätt

How a Seminary developed into a Theological Department of a Catholic University

16 November 1564
Martin von Schaumberg, Prince-Bishop of Eichstätt found the Collegium Willibaldinum as first Tridentine seminary for the formation of priests northern the Alps. By a quick implementation of the Decree on Seminaries enacted by the Council of Trent in 1563, he intended to establish a formation of ethically reliable priests.

28 August 1565
Martin von Schaumberg, Prince-Bishop of Eichstätt, entered into a contract of incorporation with the University of Ingolstadt which stipulates the Arts Study Program of Eichstätt as equal to that of Ingolstadt.  

1614 to 1774
The Collegium Willibaldinum is directed by the Jesuit Order as a "Gymnasium academicum".

Pastoral Theology is established as a new scientific discipline.

1774 to 1807
The "Gymnasium academicum" (academic grammar school) is continued as Lyceum by diocesan priests. After the abolition of the Jesuit Order in 1773 many former Jesuits remained at Eichstätt as teachers.

The parallel existence of the former School of the Jesuit Order and the Episcopal Seminary ended as they both merge with each other.   
At the "Gymnasium" (grammar school) and the "episcopale et academicum lyceum" up to 500 students are pursued their studies in the old seminary building. Cataclysms affecting the whole society led to the end of the first golden age of the Lyceum in 1803.

Secularisation in Eichstätt (1806) - the Lyceum was closed.

14. Juni 1843
Bishop Karl August Graf von Reisach founded an ecclesiastical Lyceum for the formation of diocesan priests in Eichstätt.

1873 bis 1893
"Kulturkampf": Students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland studied in Eichstätt (302 students in the academic year 1885/86).

26. Februar 1924
The Lyceum became a Philosophical-theological College.

1933 bis 1950
"Nationalsozialismus":  Students from 42 dioceses and 35 religious orders studied in Eichstätt.

2. Juli 1958
Founding of the "Pädagogische Hochschule" (College for teachers)

The Philosophical-theological College and the "Pädagogische Hochschule" became a "Gesamthochschule".

Change of name into "Catholic University Eichstätt"

Renaming: Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU).