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Welcome to the Chair of Christian Spirituality and Homiletics!


The Chair of Christian Spirituality and Homiletics is unique in the German-speaking world in combining the theology of spirituality with homiletics. This form of theological study opens up unconventional research areas, which are discussed and investigated in regular conferences and in habilitation and doctoral theses.

Against the backdrop of revelation theology, we place spirituality in an interdisciplinary content with links to human sciences and cultural disciplines in order to include approaches from anthropology and practical hermeneutics in our research and teaching. In doing so, we pay particular attention to methods and findings from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and communication research.

The chair, Prof. Dr. Dr. Erwin Möde, also holds the Chair of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychology at the KU's Faculty of Theology.



The discipline of Christian spirituality

The most fundamental characteristic of the discipline of Christian spirituality as an independent discipline (in the KU’s research, teaching, public relations, and profile) is the way in which it is centered on Christianity. Another key feature of the discipline here at the KU is the exchange with other disciplines in the human sciences and the engagement with other religious questions. For this reason, our most recent research projects deal with psychological phenomena, forming close links between Christian spirituality and psychology:

  • 2014: Europe needs spirituality: European spirituality in discourse with Abrahamic religious communities and cultural modernity
  • 2015: Spirituality – Introvision – Healing
  • 2016: Mysticism in the psychologized post-modern age (planned)

 In theory and in practice, Christian spirituality is challenged by both modern atheism and by ‘new religious movements’ and world religions.