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  • Since the winter semester 2012/2013 we are proud to be able to offer our students the option of a double degree.

    Pro academic year five selected students have the chance to acquire both the degree “MSc Tourism and Regional Planning - Management and Geography” and the title “inžinier” (Ing.) (engineer) [1] / “master study in Economics of Tourism Businesses.”

    Together with the Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) we give students who earn 30 ECTS credits at the partner university and write a master’s thesis (30 ECTS credits) the chance to earn two academic degrees, one at each of the two universities. The German and Slovakian students each spend two semesters at their “home universities” and one semester at the “partner university.” In the fourth semester they write their master’s thesis in cooperation with both universities. Particularly while writing their master’s thesis they feel the close connections as they are supervised by professors from both Slovakia and the KU.

    Five students each from the two universities will be given the opportunity to participate in this exceptional program. The criterion for selection at the KU is the student’s rank in the selection procedures for admission to the master’s degree program. The five best students who are interested in a double degree will be admitted.

    Both at the KU and at MBU the double degree students are supervised very closely – partly because the teams at both schools, the professors, the academic staff and the International Offices, have had the goal of a double degree in mind since the master’s degree program was introduced. They see it as a valuable addition to the existing courses at both universities.


    [1] This degree is awarded by Slovak and Czech universities on completion of a graduate program in technical as well as economics and business disciplines and is equivalent to Master of Science. When bearing the title “inžinier“(Ing.) (engineer)” the professional regulations in the Federal Republic of Germany must be adhered to and are legally binding (due to the so called “Engineering Acts” in German Federal Lands („Ingenieurgesetze der Länder“)).

     In addition to the agreement with MBU an agreement on a double degree program with our partner university Oulu (Finland) is in preparation. Further agreements are also planned.

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    » The legal framework Banska Bystrica (Examination regulations) currently in the approval procedure!
    » The legal framework Oulu (Examination regulations) currently in the approval procedure!