Library news

New locker system in the Main Library

From now on, you can easily use the lockers in the foyer of the Main Library with your KU. Card or your library card with a green line. To lock and unlock the compartments, hold your card against the lock of the locker and press the button.

Important: In order to use your card, a one-time activation on the validation device ("Info Terminal") is required. You will find the device in the foyer of the Main Libray on the left near the entrance/room 030. It also displays the number of your currently used locker by holding up your card – should you ever forget the number.

The occupancy of the compartments is only possible during the opening hours of the building. Please empty the lockers daily – permanent occupancy is not permitted! Unemptied lockers are locked overnight and can only be unlocked by staff.

Please remember to empty the compartments before the Christmas break. The UB closes from 24 December 2022 to 08 January 2023, an opening of the subjects is only on 9 January possible again.

In case of disruptions or blockages, please contact the library staff.