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For the administration of visual media and the presentation of your own image and film collections, offers you, as a KU member, the appropriate technical infrastructure. The system supports a wide range of image file formats. You can describe individual objects according to an individually defined metadata scheme. uses the open source software mediaTUM developed by the Technical University of Munich. The technical and organizational support of is provided by the University Library Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to our contact persons: ub-media(at)

Please note the general information on using in line with copyright restrictions. Users are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to copyright regulations.

Picture and film collections of the KU gives you access to digital image and film collections of KU employees and institutions.

The collections have been cataloged to allow searches to be conducted on the basis of specific criteria. Information on copyright and term of use is also provided here. If you have any questions, the individuals responsible for the collections will be happy to advise you.

Visual media of the University Library

Pictures are valuable contemporary witnesses and visualizations of written traditions. In, the University Library makes its visual collections searchable and accessible through digitalization.

  • The collection of prints and drawings includes items with various different owners that are all kept at the University Library Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. It consists of almost 100,000 prints and drawings, around half of which are recorded in this catalog. The collection is highly diverse in terms of the motifs and drawing techniques, as well as the historical and geographical origins of the works, although it specializes in objects from Eichstätt and the surrounding area. The spectrum ranges from late medieval woodcut, copperplate engraving and etching, lithography, steel engraving, and wood engraving to computer graphics. There are also hand-drawn and hand-painted works, as well as a large number of photographs and postcards. A particularly interesting part of the collection is the lithographs produced at the Lithography Workshop Eichstätt.
  • The audiovisual archive (AV archive) contains non-commercial audio and audiovisual media of a mostly documentary nature that belongs to the University Library or the KU. It also includes 30 early phonograph records (1890–1893) from Berlin.
  • About 1600 photographs from the early period of the Capuchin Mission to Chile are in the collection of the University Library of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. The photographs – which were used for publicity work for the mission – show the mission headquarters and the surrounding area; Capuchin friars and Sisters of the Holy Cross with children who they worked with during the mission; everyday missionary work, particularly in schools; Mapuche people; churches; buildings; nature; and a variety of other motifs.