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KU in numbers

What makes a university is the people: its students, lecturers, and researchers; the people working in the background to keep it running – in the administration, the library, or the computer center, for example. A university is sustained by its spirit, its ideas, and the creativity of its members. All of these things are difficult to measure in numbers. Nevertheless, numbers can be used to provide an initial overview.

Some key figures are presented here; more details and information on how the University has developed over the past few years can be found in our flyer ‘KU in numbers’.

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The KU currently has 

5330 students,
1588 of which enrolled in the summer semester 2016 or the winter semester 2016/17.
473 of them are international students and
67 percent are women.



The KU currently employs

846 people,
351 of which are research support staff and
495 of which are research staff – including 114 professors.
It also has 324 contract lecturers.



The KU is divided into

8 faculties with over 75 chairs.
It offers over 40 degree programs and has
over 250 partner universities in 57 countries.



The KU has

a budget of 68.3 million euros,
7.0 million euros of which comes from third-party funding.


Last updated: June 2017