Webinar Spaces of Memory

Webinar on the 19th of January 2pm-4.30 pm


The seminar “Spaces of Memory” presents various national concepts or focal points in dealing with “traumatic places”:

1. the actual juridical function of places of past violence in Argentina
2. the meaning of traumatic places for reconciliation in Colombia
3. the pedagogical significance of traumatic places for present and future generations in Germany
4. the significance of traumatic places in transnational political processes in Poland
Profiled experts present and discuss different national approaches of dealing with places of past violence in reference to questions such as:
- What kind of information and importance do these places carry from a legal and social point? Who assigns which meanings or functions are associated with them?
- What are the legal, cultural, societal and political factors that motivate an interest of the state and civil society of a nation in dealing with places that carry witness of the violent experience of societies?
Presenting a key to understanding a nation’s self-concept, and acknowledging the continual and changing discourse on the subject, the digital seminar will discuss different national objectives of investigating, preserving or reconstructing “traumatic spaces” as part of a collective memory, historic culture and democratic development. Furthermore, it shall offer an opportunity to discuss prospects for a “transnational memory” related to traumatic spaces.
The event is organized by the Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation.

Program of the Webinar and further information.

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