Three International Guest Professors visit our Master’s Course: Consumer Psychology & Decision Making, Winter 2020-2021

Three internationally renowned professors – Prof. Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan (USA), Prof. Rebecca Reczek (USA) and Dr. Timo Mandler (France) – visited the Consumer Psychology & Decision Making class in December to present cutting edge research and ideas to our students and to interact with them.

Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta invited three international guest professors to his master’s course, Consumer Psychology & Decision Making, under the KU initiative for “Digital International Guest Professors 2020.” Each of these three international experts presented a lecture that included their latest research and answered questions from students in the class. Students benefited from the exposure to novel ideas and diverse research perspectives and from their engagement with these international professors.

Dr. Timo Mandler from Tolouse Business School (France), an expert on Global Marketing presented during the class session on Cross Cultural Consumer Psychology. Dr. Mandler explained the nuances of branding in global and local markets with numerous examples.

Professor Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan from the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston (USA) is an internationally renowned expert on topics such as the role of emotions, art, aesthetics, design, and luxury branding in consumer behavior. Professor Patrick-Ralhan’s lecture was during the class session on Emotions in Consumer Psychology and included her research on aesthetic incongruity, and her latest work on the averted gaze in advertising.

Professor Rebecca Reczek from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University (USA) is a celebrated consumer researcher who examines, among other topics, consumers’ lay theories, and ethical and sustainable consumption. Professor Reczek’s lecture was during the class session on Social Influence in Consumer Psychology and included her research on ethical barriers to consumption and the role of social influence.

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