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How can we be happier in our professional and personal lives? Get ready to answer this question in a unique summer semester course offered by KU, voted as Germany's favorite university ( Award 2022). “The Science of Happiness” is a digital course available to KU and WFI students starting in the summer semester 2021. This course examines the science behind happiness and is designed for individuals who want to understand and implement changes that enhance one’s happiness and well-being. Participants will learn how to use practical tools and evidence-based insighs on what makes us happy, from 11 top international happiness experts, representing six disciplines (Business, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Theology). This innovative course is designed to promote happiness, well-being, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.  


Click here if you are a current student at KU or WFI (5 ECTS course as Studium.Pro or an Elective, Summer Semester 2022).
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KU and WFI Students: Take it as Studium.Pro or Elective

KU and WFI Students: Take it as Studium.Pro or Elective

Course Information & Happiness Experts

Course Information & Happiness Experts

Full Team
From left to right, Dr. Gonzalo Luna-Cortes, Ms. Grazia Pia Palmiotti, Ms. Natalia Rogova, Mr. Michael Ries, Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta, Mr. Maximilian Bauer, Mr. Jan Fehlberg, Mrs. Susanne Senner. (In the middle Jake Metzger).

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