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Wintersemester 2019/20

Alle Angaben sind vorläufig!

Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre (Bachelor)
2. Termin: verschoben

Verschiebung der Prüfung „Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre“! Die Studierenden können sich auf diese Prüfung anmelden, sie wird aber bis auf Weiteres verschoben. Das auf dem Prüfungsanlass angegebene Datum ist nicht mehr gültig. Das neue Datum der Prüfung wird den angemeldeten Studierenden vom Prüfer mitgeteilt, sobald wieder Prüfungen durchgeführt werden können. Melden Sie sich während der Anmeldeperiode zur Prüfung an, wenn sie an der Nachholprüfung teilnehmen wollen!


Economics of Innovation (Master)
2. Termin: 

***only relevant to those of you who planned on taking the second exam in Economics of Innovation in April***

Instead of an exam, we are offering a portfolio as an alternative examination type for the course “Economics of Innovation”. The portfolio must be submitted individually (no group work permitted). For your portfolio, you will be asked to create several different written analyses that cover research-oriented topics discussed in the course:
1) A description of a theory from the lecture (you will also have to link that theory to a current study) (approx. 1 page)
2) A referee report about a study discussed in the lecture (approx. 1.5 pages)
3) A referee report about a study not discussed in the lecture or tutorial (approx. 1 page)
4) An argumentative essay based on your economic knowledge (approx. 1.5 pages)

Additional info:
There will be a precise and binding instruction for each part of the portfolio – for example, you may NOT choose a theory for part 1 or a paper for part 2 or 3 yourself!
You will not need to use sources / references from the library for this portfolio. We will provide PDFs of the research papers.
We are aware that you might not be very familiar with referee reports – thus, specific questions will guide you through the writing process and requirements of this “soft” version of a referee report.

Please submit the portfolio in English since this course is taught in English. 
We will provide guidelines regarding formatting etc. on April 28th.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to write the portfolio, please REGISTER for this alternative exam AS IF IT WERE A REGULAR EXAM within the new registration period!

You will receive the precise instructions for the portfolio in the morning of April 28 2020. You have to submit the portfolio (as one PDF) by 11.00 am (strict deadline!) on May 15 2020 via email to katharina.hartinger(at)

If you do not accept the alternative examination type, you may take the regular exam next winter term (2020/21).