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Seminar 'Current Issues in Tax Policy'

Climate Policy is one of the hottest topics in the current political debate. Germany just announced the so-called “Klimapaket”, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement (2016). Economists and politicians have been discussing different policy instruments such as carbon taxes or a cap and trade system. In this seminar, you will get a better understanding of economic arguments in this debate and learn about the underlying economic mechanisms of these policy instruments. More specifically, we will also deal with unintended effects of carbon taxes, their distributional consequences and the international dimension of fighting climate change.

In this seminar, you expand your abilities to interpret and discuss tax policy topics based on current academic literature. The seminar also focuses on writing and presenation techniques at an advanced level.



Thema im Wintersemester 2019/20: Taxes to Save the Planet – Carbon Tax



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21.10.201912:00 - 13:30 UhrNB-307
28.10.201912:00 - 15:30 UhrNB-307
04.11.201912:00 - 13.30 UhrNB-307
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10.01.201910:00 - 18:00 UhrHB-108

Prof. Dr. Langenmayr

Philipp Krug

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