An enrichment for the University: Official welcome of internationals in Eichstätt

France, Italy, Ukraine, USA: 60 new international students starting the summer semester at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt come from these and many other countries: 31 internationals at the Eichstätt campus, 29 at the Ingolstadt campus.

Internationals at the Eichstätt campus were officially welcomed at the start of this week in the city’s Residenz. "I am very pleased to welcome you here in my office today", joked district administrator Landrat Alexander Anetsberger after the new students took their seats in the sun-drenched hall of mirrors in the Residenz. Welcoming the internationals in the Spiegelsaal has become a tradition, he said. "It's always very exciting for us to see how many students have arrived in Eichstätt and where they come from."

Mayor Josef Grienberger congratulated the students for choosing to spend a semester abroad in Eichstätt. This is because, at 20 percent, a significant proportion of Eichstätt’s inhabitants come from over 100 countries – despite the city's rather small size. "You couldn't find a better place to study abroad."

The city’s international character is also reflected at the KU: "We are very fortunate to be an international University. More than 10 percent of our students come from abroad", emphasized Dr. Anna Marcos from KU's International Office in her welcoming address. "Every student from abroad enriches our University."

Finally, the new students were able to get to know each other better over a snack of sandwiches and drinks – and share their first impressions of the University and the city. "I really like it a lot", says a student from Ukraine. "It's small, but cozy. I feel very comfortable here." Another student from Argentina talks about his travel plans in and around Germany. He wants to go to Berlin, to Cologne, maybe to Vienna: "Traveling, meeting new people, studying, just having a good time."