Pro Career

Studentin liegt auf einer Wiese und liest

Pro Career consists of courses that help students prepare for their future careers by promoting core skills. Certificates of participation will be issued for the non-modularized offers. For the completion of several of such non-modularized offers, the KU Career Advisory Service can, upon request, also issue a combined certificate of participation for the area "Pro Career".

You can find job-related offers of the International Internship Service at PRO INTERNATIONALS.

Please note: Non-modularized courses are only an additional offer at the KU. Since they cannot be assigned to any module of the KU, any examination achievements that may have been completed only have an informal character. Therefore, they cannot be credited to KU modules.

Contact person:

Nina Savarini
Nina Savarini M.A.
Career service advisor
Building Marktplatz 7  |  Room: MP7-004