Patristic Centre Koinonia – Oriens e.V.

The Patristic Centre Koinonia – Oriens e.V. is a non-profit association whose aim is to research the early Christian heritage of the Church as well as the rich traditions of the various churches in the East and West. The focus is on Eastern church history, theology and art.

After the relocation of the association’s seat from its original founding site in Cologne to Eichstätt, the Patristic Centre now sees itself primarily as a support association for the Eastern Church study focus of the Eichstätt Faculty of Theology, especially for the work of the Chair of Theology of the Christian East, of the Research Center Christian Orient and the Chair of Early Church History and Patrology..

As a non-profit association, the Patristic Centre Konionia – Oriens e.V. is entitled to issue donation receipts that can be claimed for tax purposes.