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Video streaming via your library

KU members can now watch celebrated films, inspiring documentaries, educational videos, award-winning foreign films and more free of charge through Kanopy, the video streaming service for educational institutions and libraries. The offer is licensed for one year by your University Library.

After a successful trial period, the University Library can provide you with the video streaming service Kanopy. The platform offers over 18,000 films, documentaries, series and educational videos on a wide thematic range and from many subject areas. Kanopy works directly with filmmakers and film distributors to provide high-quality material from professional content partners around the world, including the Media Education Foundation, PBS and the BBC.

But not only film lovers get their money's worth. Lecturers have the opportunity to use videos in their courses. As a scientific source, films have an ever-increasing importance and are important objects of teaching and research, especially in the field of humanities and cultural studies. In addition to extensive videos, Kanopy also offers features such as easy citation options, personalization options or, for selected titles, even the complete transcript of the film.

Access is available via: 

You can access the offer from the university network. If you would like to watch films from home, you will need the data center's VPN client - as is the case with many of our electronic media. Authentication is also possible via Shibboleth.

All available titles from Kanopy's offer are also listed in the OPAC and can be accessed from there. The film offer is dynamic, therefore some titles may not be available at short notice.

The streaming platform is initially licensed until December 14, 2023. We appreciate your feedback!

Roll the film! The UB hopes you enjoy browsing through the offerings.

More information about the platform: