Reminders and fees

If you do not renew or return borrowed media in time, the university library will request them back for a fee.

The following reminder fees apply:

1st reminder: 7.50 EUR

2nd reminder: additional 10.00 EUR

3rd reminder: additional 24,40 EUR

Further reminder steps and a final exclusion from library use are possible.

The 1st and 2nd reminder will be sent by e-mail. If no e-mail address is available, they will be delivered by mail. The 3rd and 4th requests are always sent by registered mail.

The reminders, which are subject to a fee, also mean that you can no longer order, borrow or renew books. As soon as you have returned the reminded books, paid the reminder fees and provided proof of payment, your account will be reactivated.

Pay fees

You can pay the fees either by bank transfer or cash at the KU paying office in the Sommerresidenz in Eichstätt.

  • Payment by bank transfer to:
    Stiftung Kath. Univ. Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
    Sparkasse Ingolstadt Eichstätt
    IBAN: DE76 7215 0000 0000 0073 10
    Please be sure to include the invoice number as the reason for payment. You will find it in your email.
  • Payment at the KU paying office:
    Sommerresidenz, Ostenstraße 26, Eichstätt

It usually takes a few days for us to be notified of payments received. If you provide us with the receipt or send us proof by email to bibliothek(at), we can reactivate your account sooner.

Good to know

The fees always refer to all media that should have been returned at a certain time. If you borrow five books in one day and do not return them on time, you will receive one reminder. However, if you borrow one book on each of five days, you will receive five reminders.