Internet access and Wifi in the reading room

Internet access in the university library

In the Main Library, the departmental libraries and the branch library in Ingolstadt, terminals with unlimited internet access are available to all university members and users with a library card.

Please note: The OPAC terminals do not offer internet access, they can only be used for researching our library catalog OPAC.

Internet access in the university library with mobile devices

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All buildings of the University Library are equipped with Wifi access points to give you the possibility to establish an internet connection with your own mobile devices. 

As KU member you have two diferent networks for connection:

  • eduroam
    eduroam is a cross-university network project that allows secure Wifi access not only at the KU, but also at many other educational locations after a one-time setup. With this access you can also access the licensed e-media offer of the university library (e-books, e-journals and databases).
    Before you log into eduroam for the first time, you must download and install necessary certificates. You also need a KU user ID. The KU Computer Center provides information and downloads on this.
  • KUEI
    The actual KUEI Wifi enables restricted access to the KU university network, which only allows access to the university's own web server. For internet access and the use of licensed electronic media offerings of the university library, you must also connect via VPN.
    The KU Computer Center provides information and downloads as well as instructions for configuring the VPN client.

For access to the university network via Wifi and for the VPN client, the KU Computer Center is the provider and contact partner.

Members of other universities and guests

As a member of another university, you can also use the Wifi via eduroam access. This requires that your home institution participates in the eduroam project and that you have a valid user ID in your home institution. For further informationen about eduroam please contact the KU Computer Center.

As a guest you can use the @free BayernWLAN with your mobile devices.